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New email marketing software got a lot of awards online and become popular with it’s unique style and cabability to build and you a huge valid email list’s automaticlly.


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Well, as a start i want to tell you all about this new awsome email marketing software…

It’s called: IEmailer – Bulk Email Marketing Software
currently in version 1.1 so you can all fiqure out that it’s new software… That’s right !

IEmailer.com launched this email marketing software on last april this year 2007 and once launched it become popular online and got an amazing reputation because of it’s features as it will allows you to build your email list on the fly and send email to each valid email address from almost any email server automatically with a few clicks of your mouse.

So now you can launch your own website online even if it’s a product’s or offering a service’s using IEmailer.com – Bulk email marketing software easly and really simple so a kid could be getting mass visitors and could be making money online just like that !

As it’s also offering an affiliate program so you can also get a peace of the cake by joining them then start marketing their software and while it’s an email marketing software you can use the software it self to start your campaign.

Is it gonna be more simple than owning IEmailer.com to start you email marketing campaign using this software ?

I quess……… NO

You can claim your copy for free from:

Hope you all will enjoy using IEmailer.com Software

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