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Many people are starting Online Businesses, but learning on the fly, so to speak, how to get traffic to their sites. A big factor to be considered is how much will it cost to get the traffic to your web site.

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Many people are starting Online Businesses, but learning on the fly, so to speak, how to get traffic to their sites. A big factor to be considered is how much will it cost to get the traffic to your web site. I recently wrote two articles, one about specific landing pages and the second about matching keywords to specific landing pages. This time I am going to cover the cost of each keyword. In other words how much should you pay for each phrase or keyword?

You can recognize the demand for online business by looking at the searches made on the search engines. They are phrases like business conferencing meeting online web, advertising business online web, business free online site web, online web business opportunity, business hosting online page web, online business web hosting and business create online site web opportunity just to mention a few.

There is much that is to be learned about this topic and I’m only going to scratch the surface in this article, but it should get you started off correctly. There are many factors to consider that can make a big difference in your profit.

You should ensure that you have a different landing page on your site for each area of you business. For example on my site I have a landing page for Work At Home, Top 10 business, Home Based Business, Moms Jobs, Affiliates, Data Entry, Online Paid Surveys and a link to my real time newsletter.

If you are utilizing one of the tools available to us called (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising, whereby we pay a search engine pennies to show our ad when someone types in particular keyword. As I mentioned in my other article you must break up your keywords in such a manner as to have all of your keywords on a given topic sent to the specific landing page. For example you should have all Work At Home keywords go to your landing page, which is mostly about Work At Home ideas. Like wise have you keywords on Home Based Business go to the landing page that highlights Home Based Business Opportunities.

In addition you don’t want to bidding against your self so you want to make sure that you don’t mix and match your keywords. You will want to advertise only the keywords that match a specific landing page when using (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising. Don’t have Work At Home keywords mixed in with Online Paid Surveys sending people to multiple landing Pages.

You will want to use multiple variation of a given keyword. Think about the conversation going on in your customer’s head. What would you type in if you were searching for the same thing? What would others type? Don’t just set you campaigns to run on a maximum price per click. Do some research to see how much a particular keyword is being searched for. If it is not one of the most popular decrease you bid amount. Once you have done this monitor it over a couple of weeks or a month so you can see if you getting the same amount of clicks. Search engines are not always going to give you the best price. Some of the big ones are pretty fair, but I want control of these things myself. Many of my keywords are half the price of some of the major ones. Before I learned this though, many search engines were charging me full price when it was not warranted.

Every subtle change in your website landing page, keywords, keyword bidding, no matter how minuscule, has an effect on your customer. I always recommend change, monitor, analyze, modify and keep continuing the process. Compare the new change to the old one so that you can see which landing page converts best.

Once you have had your website going for awhile there is always much more fine tuning to do.

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